What is Reiki?

Imagine waking up fresh and rested. You’re on your way to having yet another day where everything is going just the way it should. You are happy, smiling, and full of confidence. You feel like you can accomplish anything you want because you have all the energy you need.

This is Reiki.

Or, more specifically, this is what life can look like when Reiki is part of your daily routine, when it is practiced effortlessly and received with an open heart.

Japanese origins

The Reiki most commonly practiced

today, called Usui Reiki, was developed in Japan in the early 1900s. It has since evolved from a journey towards enlightenment (via meditation) to a journey towards healing (via the flow of energy). Still, of the more than 10 million Reiki practitioners that exist worldwide, many strive for enlightenment as the end goal. So what is Reiki?

Reiki begins with physical healing, but the overall intent is to enhance one’s spiritual well being. What happens when we are sad or tired? Typically, we don’t feel like doing anything. Why? Because we don’t have the energy.

Practicing Reiki as part of a daily routine helps bring this energy from around us, and into our energy cup. It also helps keep that energy flowing, giving us clarity and direction. Reiki is both relaxing and energizing it gives us what we need in the moment, and will travel to where the body needs it most.

For example, you might feel sadness in your heart, but that emotional hurt may be manifesting as physical pain in your stomach. Reiki will first tend to that physical pain by reaching the stomach, even if it is your heart that seems to need healing.

Think about it like this: To stay alive, we need to breathe. Our blood needs to circulate freely within our body. But when it comes to our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being, we rely on positive energy.

Reiki is the life force that sustains all living things whether plant, animal or human being.

Finding it hard to wrap your head around it? No worries, Reiki will flow with or without belief. But in this case, I strongly feel that experiencing is believing. So why not give it a try*? *New clients receive a special discount on their first treatment. Reach out for more details!

I want to try Reiki. What can I expect during my first session? Note: Due to COVID-19, we are suspending in-person Reiki sessions until further notice. Learn about our Virtual Reiki sessions here. Walk into our Reiki energized space. Be seated and get comfortable. Wind down from the outside world, and get ready for Reiki. After filling out a quick questionnaire, you will be acquainted with the energy and space within the studio (you may not know it, but we do). You are now ready. Together, we walk over to the Reiki space. You will see a massage table where you will lie fully clothed, first on your back and then on your stomach. (You also have the choice of doing a chair session, or laying on your side or in a position that is more comfortable for you.)

The lights will be dimmed and you’ll be covered with a blanket. We’ll ask you to place a mask on your eyes, and then close them. Get comfortable, enjoy the music, and listen to your own breath.

Your Reiki practitioner will connect with Reiki and begin the session, typically by first placing her hand on or just over your eyes, then moving to your ears, head, and other parts as guided by Reiki. You can expect to feel:

  • Tingling

  • Pulsing

  • Lightness

  • “Jello” legs (or any body part)

  • Or, simply nothing**

**If you find yourself not really aware that you are receiving Reiki (i.e., if you “feel nothing”), that’s okay! Its effects may instead show up as subtle shifts later on in your day or week.

Your practitioner will let you know when she is done. You’ll be encouraged to stay on the massage table for a couple of minutes, after which you can slowly get up and return to the discussion area.

That’s when we’ll give you some feedback about the session, discuss your healing goals, and chat about how we can support you in this journey going forward. And of course, we’d love to hear about your experience, and how you felt while receiving Reiki.

Want to learn more? Book a free wellness call today!

Let's make today wonderful,


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