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Virtual Reiki

What it is and can it be done?

Yes, it's called distance healing or distance Reiki.

Reiki is the energy of the universe which means it is around us and within us. It is like the air that flows from one place to the other. It travels across space (and time).

Just like an in-person Reiki, your energy begins to flow and your energy cup fills up. Your experience is unique to you. So how does it feel to receive distance Reiki?

There are several different ways in which you can request distance healing.

Typically you don't have to do anything, like be sitting still or laying down. You could be going about with your regular activity. But considering how relaxing a session can feel, clients are advised not to be driving or be doing something that requires their full attention when it is a longer session.

If you are not really aware that you are receiving Reiki, you may not feel its effects right away. It may show up as subtle shifts later on. (You could request distance Reiki sent to you just before your presentation and find yourself doing great. Find that you conclude the presentation with the results you were hoping to achieve.)

On the other hand when you are aware and decide to be still or lay down, you may be able to feel the energy just like an in-person session. A full virtual session can be as effective as an in-person session. Let us know when you are ready for a virtual session.

Can Reiki be sent to anyone?

Yes and no.

A certified or a registered Reiki practitioner will always ask for permission before sending Reiki. Or she will send only when asked.

And it is very important to remember that Reiki only works in a positive way. If you are not in need of Reiki, you will not receive it.

Here are some examples of requesting distance healing.

- In between in-person sessions as part of your healing journey.

- When you fall ill at home or in a hospital.

- Going in for a surgery etc.

- Before and or during a business meeting (presentation).

- Healing for general well being.

- Your imagination is the limit for requesting a virtual session.

Virtual Wellness Reiki Circle?

Yes, absolutely. we connect online for a Wellness Reiki Circle where we allow the flow of energy to feel relaxed and energized. It is interesting to see how each person has a unique experience but it gets better the more each participants attends.

Are you interested in learning how to do a distance healing session? This is what you learn in Usui Reiki Level 2. Join us for the next class.