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Wellness in my Hands

Reiki, the energy of the Universe helps me relax, feel energized, de-stress, mange chronic pain, deal with emotional pain, balance energy, achieve my goals and be the best version of myself!

Ayurveda 101 03-30
Mon, Mar 30
Zoom Meeting
Mar 30, 7:55 PM – 8:35 PM EDT
Zoom Meeting
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian life science that first basis its practice on prevention. Find out which one on your preventative practices stems from this ancient science and have a better understanding of what you do.
Virtual Wellness Reiki Circle 04-01
Wed, Apr 01
Zoom Wellness Reiki Circle
Apr 01, 7:55 PM – 8:35 PM
Zoom Wellness Reiki Circle
A meditative healing experience, where participants are guided by a Reiki Master to allow the flow of reiki to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.
Usui Reiki Level 1 04-14
Tue, Apr 14
Japan Reiki Studio
Apr 14, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Japan Reiki Studio, 370 Horner Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8W 2A1, Canada
Learn in the traditional style in the original simplest way as taught in Japan.

On a need to basis

​1 x 40minutes distance Reiki session

- De-stress and relax

- Fill your energy cup

​- Boost immunity

40min Virtual Reiki

Learn to heal the SELF

Must be willing to practice Reiki

- What is Reiki and Reiki healing

- History and current practices

- Traditional Japanese techniques

Usui Reiki Level 1

At Franklin Horner Community Centre

Wednesday 7:45pm From APR 1st

- Drop in guided meditation with Reiki

- Do nothing and feel deep relaxation

​- Get energized for the next day

Wellness Reiki Circle


“What amazed me most was waking up energized instead of groggy, as I typically would after a massage. Yes, I nodded off - how's that for relaxation?!"

Project BeamOn
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