Wellness with Reiki

Does Reiki really work? Come find out for yourself!


Our goal is for you to find your wellness routine. Reiki works for us, so we talk and teach Reiki. We would love for you to feel the same.


Our healing sessions are designed to bringing you holistic relaxation from the moment you walk in our door. It's not just about the Reiki, it's the whole experience.


When you learn with us, you join our Reiki journey. We will support you with your Reiki learning in all the ways possible. You will not be left alone, we do it together all the way. 

Nasreen - Principal Healer

Nasreen’s ‘aha moment’ with Reiki came in an outdoor Reiki Circle under the blue sky, lush green trees and the brown earth. This is Reiki, the life sustaining energy that lies within us and around us.


Nasreen’s involvement with Reiki began with translating Reiki books for Japan Reiki Association in 2009. She was very skeptical then, of what Reiki could do but travelled to India with the Association on their goodwill tour as their interpreter. And it was there at the huge Reiki Circle that she really felt Reiki and began her journey.


Nasreen completed teacher's training in Japan with the Association to become a Japan Reiki Association certified teacher in 2011. She is also a registered teacher with Canadian Reiki Association.  A Japanese-English bilingual, Japanese at heart, Indian in heritage who has made Canada her home.


"Me first, then everyone else!” Not selfish but because it is important to fill your cup first, before you can help others.

Naaz - Master Teacher

Naaz began her Reiki journey when she needed to heal herself because conventional medicine failed. She tried various holistic methods, wellness concepts before finding Reiki.


Naaz retrained with Japan Reiki Association and did their teacher's program to become the first non-Japanese certified teacher with the Association in 2008. Naaz then established the India chapter in 2009.


Naaz travels between Japan, India and Canada so take advantage while she is in Toronto to learn from her personal journey with Reiki. She is very intuitive and uses crystals to enhance Reiki.


"May be Reiki? (will resolve that issue)"

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