Congratulations, you've found the healing crystals!

Now you have a choice.
Would you like to find the right crystal for yourself?
Or would you like to learn to use healing crystals with Reiki?

Learn to use healing crystals

- Introduction to Naaz's crystal theory

​- Choose your healing pair

- Difference between crystals and crystals for Reiki healing

​- How to use your Healing Pair

- How to use a pendulum for decision making

- The next steps for you

*one set of healing pair is included.


Crystal Attunement

Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 2

4 to 6 hours

Find your own set of crystals

- Why are you looking for a crystal

- Understand how crystal can help

- Find your own crystal

- Learn to use your crystal

*crystals are not included but available for purchase.


GuideMe To MyCrystal

Pre-requisite: Love of crystals

45 minutes

Learn to use crystals for healing

One session for one type of healing crystal

- Healing pair or

- Introduction to Rods or

- Chakra Balancing with crystals

- Reading with crystals

*crystals are not included but available for purchase.


GuideMe to use Crystal

Pre-requisite: Crystal Attunement

45 minutes

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