Wellness Reiki Circle

Wellness Reiki Circle, a meditative healing experience, where participants are guided by a Reiki Master to allow the flow of Reiki to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki experience is not necessary but welcomed.

We gather every Wednesday (Please confirm if the session is running at the event page)

at 7:45pm, take our seats around the table in a circle. 7:53pm door is closed. Nasreen leads the session with a gratitude. Then goes on to explain what happens during the session...

"I will dim the lights. Make sure you are comfortably seated with feet firmly on the ground. We close our eyes and I will guide you to connect with Reiki. For the first few minutes we will join hands to allow the flow of energy amongst us. If you are comfortable you can touch your neighbours hand or keep them afloat. Then I will ask you to break the circle and bring your hands to yourself. Then if you like follow my guide for hand placements, such as over your eyes, ears head etc. During this time I will come behind you to give individual Reiki for a few minutes."

Everyone will have a different experience. If you are not comfortable keeping your eyes closed, that is fine. If you need to move and make yourself comfortable, by all means. (Staying in a comfortable position is very important for a good Reiki flow.) Some may feel the energy in warmth or tingling sensation. Some may have an intense feeling come up. Or nothing at all just sleepy.

Around 8:30 pm we are guided to take 3 deep breaths, rub our hands together and place them over our eyes. Lights are turned on. Allow yourself to get reacquainted to the brightness.

We encourage participants to sit back a few more minutes to relax. During this time some of the participants share their experience. Or ask questions about Reiki. This is your chance to find out more about Reiki. Feel free to ask and share.

We don't guarantee a 100% result. We don't say something will change on the first day because lasting results take time to achieve. But you can make a difference by joining us today and taking charge of your health and wellness. You will see results for yourself.

Your investment: special introductory offer of $5 per session.

This is what some participants say:

"I get to be still after my yoga class, but that is only for a few minutes. This is way better."

"I love to just do NOTHING."

"I didn't event realize the noise outside."

When and Where:

Every Wednesday 7:45pm to 8:35pm

(Please confirm if the session is running at the event page)

At Franklin Horner Community Centre.

Who should participate:

- someone who needs to wind-down and recharge

- you, who is interested in experiencing and learning about Reiki

- Reiki practitioner who needs a community to practice with

We look forward to seeing you at our next Circle. Please see here for schedule.

Our Facebook page will also have an updated schedule.

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