Felt relaxed, felt tingling especially in right wrist. -B.B

I enjoyed the calmness of the environment soft music and water fall. Very peaceful and relaxing. I will do another treatment. -S. Smith-Bone

Feel relaxed. Had a great experience. Would recommend it. Thank you. -Teresa

I felt relaxed as well as a flow of energy. Would recommend to friends / family :) -E.D.

​Relaxed and a warm sensation which was soothing. -K.F.

Very relaxing, felt warm all over.Right index finger and left great toe tingled and hurt, burning for a short time. -K.P.

I feel very relaxed. -S.S.

Was really pleasant and relaxing. Enjoyed throughly :) -J.Z.

​I felt good. I was chilly when I came, warmed me up. Toes tingled and felt good. -S.G.

​Relaxing and warm. -A.H.

February 2018

Women's Spa Day at FHCC

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What amazed me most was waking up energized instead of groggy, as I typically would after a massage. Yes, I nodded off—how’s that for relaxation?! -K.O.

Nasreen is AMAZING! Such a beautiful soul. She picked up on everything without me telling her anything. -L.F.

Nasreen said that my energy flowed really well except for the area where I recently had an injury. It was crazy she could feel that without me even mentioning it. -L.A.

March 2018

Review by AllergyBites

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Felt relaxed, felt tingling, released, embraced loving energy plus healing.


Very relaxing space and atmosphere.


It was very relaxing. I never relax but I was able to during the session.


Very relaxing when stones placed in hands, they 'danced'. Arms and legs heavy, could fall a sleep.


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