Your First Reiki Session: What to Expect

New to Reiki? Wondering what your first Reiki session will be like? Let us walk you through it... 

Welcome to Japan Reiki Studio, our Reiki energized space. We invite you to take a seat. Wind down from the outside world, and get ready for Reiki.

As this is your first time at the studio, we ask you to fill out some paperwork: a quick questionnaire and a consent form.

(Can’t make it in person? We highly recommend giving Virtual Reiki a try!)

We ask you to turn off your phone (or put it on airplane mode) to avoid any disturbances or distractions while you are receiving Reiki.

If you have any questions or concerns, now’s the time to speak up. We’ll talk more about your general wellness and your journey towards healing after the session. 

By this time, you should be acquainted with the energy flowing within the studio. (You may not know it, but we do.)

You are now ready to begin Reiki. Together, we walk over to the Reiki space. You see a massage table where you lie down fully clothed, first on your back and then on your stomach. (You also have the choice of doing a chair session, or laying on your side or in a position that is more comfortable for you.)

The lights are dimmed and you are covered with a blanket. You place a mask over your eyes, and then close them. You let yourself relax while you listen to your own breath and enjoy the music playing softly in the background.

(Interested in crystals? They’ll play a part in subsequent sessions, to help enhance the healing process.)

Your healer connects with Reiki, and your session begins. You feel her gently place her hand on your eyes, then your ears, your head*. Next you feel nothing — that’s because your healer’s hands aren’t touching you at all. They are simply floating over areas of your body in need of healing, as guided by Reiki.

*At Japan Reiki Studio, we like to include direct contact, as this is how Reiki was originally practiced. Not to mention, we believe that human touch is as comforting as Reiki itself. Please let your healer know if you do not wish to have direct contact during your session.

As this is your first session, your healer asks you to turn over onto your stomach. (For subsequent sessions, it will depend on what is needed for your healing process.)

You may begin to feel tingling or pulsing, perhaps some lightness in your limbs, or maybe you are experiencing “Jello” legs (or any body part). Whatever you are feeling (or aren’t feeling**) is perfectly normal. **If you find yourself not really aware that you are receiving Reiki (i.e., if you feel nothing), that’s okay! Its effects may instead show up as subtle shifts later on in your day or week.

Time passes. Your thoughts come and go. You doze off for a bit. Remember, ichi go ichi e. This moment — with this person, in this place — will never happen again.

Suddenly you hear your healer’s voice telling you your session is complete. You are encouraged to stay on the massage table for a couple of minutes, and to get up to return to the discussion area when you are ready.

You tell us what you felt during your session and how you feel now. Your healer gives you some feedback and discusses your healing goals with you. She explains how we can support your Reiki journey going forward.

You feel calm, refreshed, peaceful. 

You are now ready to go back into the outside world. See you next time! ~Nasreen and Naaz

P.S. Ready to give Reiki a try? We’re a pair of mother-daughter healers who work with you over the course of several weeks to provide our own unique perspectives on your Reiki experience. Our customer service is out of this world — or at least out of this country! — as it is inspired by the many years we spent in Japan (where customer service is arguably the best on the planet). We empower our clients to take charge of their own wellness journey by providing them with the tools they need to continue the healing process without our help. Book your first session here.

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