What to expect with a Reiki session at Japan Reiki Studio

Welcome. You will walk into our Reiki energized space. Be seated and get comfortable. Wind-down from the outside world and get ready for Reiki.

If you are coming in for the first time, expect to fill out some paper work. A quick questionnaire and a consent to receive Reiki.

It is a great reminder if you have an alarm set on your phone for 5 minutes after you arrive, to turn your phone off. You don't want to be disturbed during the session. Trust me.

Practitioners at Japan Reiki Studio do not need to know anything before the session (unless you have difficulty laying on your back or stomach). But if you have any questions or concerns now is the time to share. Discussion is best left for later.

By this time you are acquainted with the energy and space within the studio (you may not know it, but we do).

We are now ready. Let's walk over to the Reiki space. You will see a massage table where you will lie fully clothed, first on your back and the on your stomach. (Alternately we can offer you a chair session, laying on the side or a position that is comfortable for you.) For your subsequent sessions crystals will be placed on the table to enhance the healing process. If you do not wish to use Reiki energized crystals, let us know.

You are now on the massage table. Lights are dimmed, your eyes are covered with an eye mask and blanket over you. Close your eyes and enjoy the music or listen to your breath.

Reiki practitioner attending to you will connect with Reiki and begin the session. Typically by placing her hand on your eyes first then moving to your ears, head and other parts as guided by Reiki. There will be areas where practitioner will not be touching and simply floating over.

We like to have direct contact when giving Reiki, as that is how the original practice was done. Also we believe human touch is as comforting as Reiki itself. (Please let your practitioner know If you do not wish to have direct contact.)

On your first session, you will be asked to turn over on your stomach. For subsequent sessions, it will depend on what is needed for your healing process.

Your practitioner will let you know when she is done. You are encouraged to stay on the massage table for a couple of minutes and slowly get up and return to the discussion area.

If you like share your experience and how you felt. We will give you some feedback and discuss your healing goals and how we can support in this journey going forward.

Take your time, be comfortable and be aware.

You are now ready to get back into the outside world.

Have another wonderful day.

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