What does it mean to learn the traditional way?

Anyone can learn Reiki as long as you have the desire to learn and the motivation to practice it every day.

Traditional Reiki as taught by Usui Mikao the founder of Usui Reiki is what you will learn at Japan Reiki Studio. Our teachers are certified by Japan Reiki Association and we use the same text book and course curriculum.

So is there a different kind of Reiki? No. Reiki has evolved as it travelled from Japan to other parts of the world. Some original concepts were forgotten and some new were added. We know the difference and we give both. So you can understand the basics yourself and evolve Reiki for your needs.

Benefits of learning Reiki with us:

- certified by Japan Reiki Association to teach with their syllabus and manual

- approved by Canadian Reiki Association for course content

- learn teachings of traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki

- learn Usui method of Reiki that originated in Japan in its original and simplest form

The lecture and attunement for each level may last a day, but it is only the beginning of your Reiki journey with us. We will work together and support you through your Reiki journey.

Our teacher's training is quite extensive, in that you must first pass a written test. Then a practical test before you are invited to train with us. But once you complete teacher's training you will have all the tools you need to teach Reiki in its traditional way.

If you have been attuned to Reiki and wish to understand further, we offer refresher courses for each level.

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