Reiki with Kids

It’s bedtime. I’ve just finished reading my 4-year-old twins two books They each get to choose one — our nightly routine. But tonight, it’s getting late and they’re a bit overtired. Like most kids, they don’t want to go to sleep. But instead of asking for yet another cup of water, my daughter asks if we can do Reiki. She gets into a sitting pose, palms facing up while her hands rest on her thighs. My son plays along. They know I can’t say no to Reiki, especially considering it will help relax them enough to fall asleep.

My little ones have been receiving Reiki from the very beginning.

I was already a Reiki teacher when I was pregnant with my twins. I would often and intentionally place my hands on my growing belly, and allow Reiki to flow through my hands to my womb. The months following their birth, I was too busy being a new mom to newborn twins, so my mother (a Reiki teacher for 15 years) would send us healing Reiki from a distance. As they got older, I would use Reiki before bedtime or after a tantrum.

Now when they get hurt, the first thing they’ll ask for is Reiki. We don’t use band-aids at our house! Same goes for when they feel sad or scared. Reiki is the answer. It lets us connect when they need me most, but it also helps heal their invisible wounds.

Reiki can help us navigate our ‘new normal’

Thanks to this unprecedented crisis, parents all over the world are home with their kids, 24/7. While some children are thriving at home, others are bored, anxious, or lonely. They miss their best friends and their favourite playgrounds. They don’t fully understand what's going, but they’re hearing a lot of big, scary words on the news and at the dinner table.

And while this ‘new normal’ has given busy parents the perfect excuse to reconnect with their child(ren), it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. In fact, many working parents are reporting just how unsustainable the current situation is — that is, working from home, taking care of the kids, and trying to homeschool them. That’s three full time jobs!

It doesn’t matter how much we adore our little ones, as each day passes, it becomes more and more clear what an impossible situation we’re in. No wonder many of us are feeling so stressed out.

Okay, let’s take a step back for a moment and breathe. Then remember: We aren’t alone in this experience or in our uncomfortable feelings. We may be physically apart, but we’re all in this together, and we will make it through. But of course, we need to prioritize our mental health if we’re going to get through in one piece. That’s where Reiki comes in.

Reiki to the rescue

Reiki can help declutter the mind, providing a sense of calm that may have been lost in the middle of this global pandemic. Reiki guides us to the things we need, attracting us towards things that will help us in our present situation. Not only that, but it can leave us feeling energized at a time when many of us are feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and unproductive.

Just as importantly, Reiki can give our children the tools to manage their own anxieties, and is an opportunity for them to (re)focus while gaining a bit of comfort and much-needed calm. The best part? Kids are often better at Reiki than adults since they don’t tend to overthink things the way we do. So with that in mind, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve got a gift for all you mamas on the brink of burnout: From now until May 31st, one of your children can join your Virtual Reiki session at no extra cost. That’s two for the price of one! Plus, it’s a great way to teach your child the importance of self-care while spending a bit of quality time together too.

Here’s how I use Reiki to calm my children and now you can too!

  1. Take a deep breath with your child while you sit or lay together.

  2. Imagine how you felt during a Reiki session, or how you saw your child during or after the session.

  3. Count back from 10 to 0.

  4. Take another deep breath, this time telling your child to breathe in the happy energy and exhale the angry, sad energy.

  5. Give your child a hug.

  6. Repeat, if necessary.

Is Reiki right for my child? As you may have guessed from reading about my babes above, there is no minimum age requirement when it comes to receiving Reiki. Breastfeeding mamas can hold their baby during a session with the knowledge that they are passing some of the healing on to their child. Toddlers and small children need simply lay on their mother’s lap or hold her hand to receive Reiki. Very little ones often feel quite relaxed during a session and will stay put. Older, more mature children will have the patience and understanding to follow their mom’s lead.

Of course, if you're the parent of a little one who just won't sit still, you may want to put the idea of Reiki on pause until they are old enough to participate in a MeTime for Kids session at some point down the road. Alternatively, we could book a distance Reiki session, where the two of you receive Reiki's healing benefits passively (i.e., while you both go about your regular routine). This is also a great option for busy moms who don’t have time for self-care.

MeTime for Kids are 30-minute sessions for only $30, now available virtually. Kids’ sessions are super flexible they can receive Reiki while sitting, laying down, or even while going about their normal routine (via distance Reiki). And I will customize each session based on your child’s age, temperament, and even their current mood. If you’re interested in enrolling your child, book a free wellness call with me to learn more and set something up.

Ready to give yourself the gift of Reiki? Reach out for more information, or book this special Mother’s Day promo right here. Let’s make today wonderful, Nasreen P.S. You may want to forward this to your hubby if you think they need a not-so-subtle gift idea for Mother’s Day. You deserve it, mama!

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