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Reiki with Kids

I did not grow up with Reiki, but my kids are and I cannot wait to see how it integrates into their everyday life. Actually that is not true. I can already see how Reiki is a natural go to strategy for them, when they get injured physically or emotionally. First thing they will ask is Reiki. (Sometimes its haldi (turmeric) because we avoid band-aid, instead apply haldi to the wound.)

I was already a Reiki teacher when I was pregnant with my twins. It was quite a journey and I often connected with Reiki and placed my hands intentionally on my growing abdomen. So they have been receiving Reiki from the very beginning.

The first year was so busy that I don't really remember. Did I even do Reiki? I feel like periodically I would remember to connect with Reiki before feeding. But I know that the family continuously received distance Reiki healing from my mother.

I strongly believe that Reiki has helped me and everyone in the home to remain “sane” trying to raise our first newborns..... But I don’t have an alternate life to compare the version without Reiki. So I just believe what I see :)

Twins are 4 years old now. This is what happened last night at bedtime.

I finished reading one book each of their choice. Then they are supposed to get into their beds. It was getting late and they knew it but did not want to. So the girl says, “Can we do Reiki?” And suggests a sitting pose with palms facing up on her thighs. The boy played along.

- we take our positions palms facing up

- close our eyes (it seems the boy does’t because he is keeping an eye on me)

- take three deep breaths, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth

- then slowly count to ten (boy decides to count to eleven)

- once more a deep breath

- open eyes

I began this first when they would throw a tantrum. I would ask them to count to ten with me. Then I added the deep breathing. Sometimes it used to be done separately but now this is their bedtime Reiki routine.

Off to bed they go. I am asked to wait in their room till they fall asleep. And give them Reiki.

Good night, my babies.