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Music and Apps for Reiki Practice

Updated: Mar 18

Music is such an essential part of healing. Do you find yourself drawn to a certain type of music when you need a pick-me-up? Or a song tied to a memory that makes you happy?

I have a go-to play list for my pick-me-up with beautiful encouraging words.

But for a Reiki practice, I prefer to have something not too familiar. I don't want to be too focussed on the music. Yet, it has to be pleasant enough to capture my attention. You see, it takes time to find the right music.

I will share what resonates with me now. This may change over time. You may find your music through this list. Whatever helps to grow your Reiki practice.

This is the most played album in the Studio. Every healing session will have this playing in the background.

But. Let me be honest.

It wasn't love at first sight. I could not hear the "crow speak" at first. The music just sat there without being heard.

Click the picture to download album.

Classical Indian flute and Violin Vol. II - music for deep relaxation. You will hear this as you enter the Studio.

When I am waiting for you to arrive, this is the music that helps me get ready for your session.

Click the picture to download album.

Vira (sitar & flute) - Talvin Singh and Rakesh Chaurasia

This is another one that may be playing when you enter the Studio. I love classical Indian music, the sound of tabla and sitar.

Here is some more on how music improves your mood and reduces stress, by BE BRAIN FIT.

"Science has now proven that music lovers already know, that listening to upbeat music can improve your mood.

Listening to and playing music reduces chronic stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

Music can make you feel more hopeful, powerful, and in control of your life.

Listening to sad music has its benefits, too.

If you are going through a tough time, listening to sad music can be cathartic.

It can help you get in touch with your emotions to help you heal.

One of the ways music affects mood is by stimulating the formation of certain brain chemicals.

Listening to music increases the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine is the brain's "motivation molecule" and an integral part of the pleasure-reward system.

It's the same brain chemical responsible for the feel-good states obtained from eating chocolate, orgasm, and runner's high.

When listening to a playlist, you can further increase dopamine by choosing shuffle mode.

When one of your favourite songs unexpectedly comes up, it triggers an extra dopamine boost.

Playing music with others or enjoying live music stimulates the brain hormone oxytocin.

Oxytocin has been called the "trust molecule" and the "moral molecule" since it helps us bond with and trust others..." Continue reading on original site here.

Now the apps for your Reiki practice.

Having a meditation timer or a workout timer is great aid in your initial practice. I continue to use this timer during the in-class practice sessions.

A simple timer or an alarm on the phone will not serve the purpose. After every position you would have to turn off the alarm, even if you set 12 alarms in a row.

We need something that will allow us to set a timer with notification in between.

Many free versions can serve the purpose. If you wan to add your own background music, you may have to go with a paid version.

I like the Still meditation app (for Apple users) which is simple and free.

But I love the Insight Timer (for all platforms) because it has all you need including an ambiance sound in the background. Plus has many more free features you could benefit from. The feature you are looking for is the “Timer” (it does require some customization, but I can help you with that).

And the best for the last. Our own visual and audio self-healing on Youtube. Don't forget to subscribe as there are great videos posted.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. Book a Wellness Call with Nasreen.