Certified Reiki Teacher

What does it take to become a Japan Reiki Association certified Reiki teacher?

First you train to become a Reiki Shihan (master) then you are invited to take the teacher's training upon passing the eligibility exam.

A Reiki Shihan is someone who brightens up another person by becoming the shining light herself (himself). (You learn more about this when you take Reiki Level 3 with us.)

The 3 levels of training to become a Reiki Master (Shihan)

Each level is 6 to 8 hours of lecture and practice including an attunement.

1) Reiki Level 1 - learn to heal the SELF

2) Reiki Level 2 - learn to heal OTHERS

3) Reiki Level 3 - learn to BE the Reiki

We recommend a gap or at least 3 weeks between levels 1 and 2.

Level 3 is offered to a practitioner who is deemed ready by her (his) Reiki teacher to embrace and be the Reiki.

Road map to a certified Shihan (master)

1) Sit for an eligibility exam part I (written) - must achieve 90% or more to pass

2) Sit for an eligibility exam part II (practical) - must achieve 90% or more to pass

3) Invitation to participate in Teacher's training - 6 to 8 hours of lecture plus 4 to 12 months in person training assisting in class.

Japan Reiki Association headquarters in Tokyo and other locations in Japan offer trainings in Japanese. If you wish to train in the same way but do not speak the language, we offer trainings in English and other language in our chapter locations around the world.

Locations around the world use the same textbooks translated into their local languages.

Canada chapter in Toronto offers training in English and Japanese.

For current price list for each stage of your training please contact the chapter you wish to train with. All our prices are in alignment with Japan headquarters with some adjustments for local economy.

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