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How is Reiki healing done?

Client will lie on a massage table or sit on a chair fully clothed. Reiki practioner will place their hands lightly over client's body or slightly above if the client wishes not to be touched. Reiki is energy of the universe that passes through the practioner and reaches the client.

What to expect during a Reiki session with Japan Reiki Studio?

- First we will talk about Reiki and answer any questions you may have about Reiki treatment, while you wind down from your previous activity and get ready for Reiki. - We will move to the healing room where you will lie on a reiki table fully clothed. First on your back and then on your stomach. (If you are unable to lie on your back or stomach we can work around it. Reiki can also be done seated.) - Adjust support around your neck and feet to make yourself comfortable. - Close your eyes and sleep if you can. - Reiki practitioner will lightly place their hands on different parts of your body, typically starting with the head. - Half way through the session you will be asked to turn over. - Make sure you are once again in a comfortable position. - Close your eyes and sleep if you can. - Reiki practitioner will let you know when the treatment is done. - If you don't feel like moving right away, stay where you are for a few more minutes. Getup when you feel comfortable. - We will talk about your experience and offer some feedback, while you wind down from Reiki and get ready for your next activity.

What to bring for a Reiki session?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can lie in. Minimal jewely is prefered. Glasses may be prefered to contacts, as they can be removed during the treatment.

How will I feel?

Typically Reiki is felt in the form of heat or tingling sensation. But different people experince it differently, including not feeling anything at all. Even if you don't feel anything Reiki is being passed and you will benefit from the treatment.

How will Reiki help?

Reiki will recharge your energy. Reiki will help you relax. Reiki will help you feel energized. Reiki will help you de-stress. Reiki will help manage chronic pain. Reiki will help deal with emotional pain. Reiki will help achieve balance in energy. Reiki will help in achieving your goals. Reiki will help you BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE.

What is distance healing?

Reiki travels over space and time, hence Reiki can be sent to a client who is not physically present with the practiioner.

Which Reiki sesison is for me?

If you are here for the first time or your goal is relaxtion and experiening Reiki, we recommend MeTime Reiki. If your goal is healing and energy circulation a cycle of HealMe Reiki is for you. HealMe Reiki sessions use reiki energized crystals to enhance and expedite healing with reiki over 7 to 10 sessions. If you are a practioner or regular client that needs a quick recharge you can choose to take Express MeTime (a 45 minute Reiki session) or EnergizeMe Reiki (30 minutes Reiki with energtized crystals)


Can anyone learn Reiki?

Yes, anyone can learn Reiki at Japan Reiki Studio.

Why should I learn at Japan Reiki Studio?

We are affliated to Japan Reiki Associaion and follow their Reiki curriculum. We use the English translation of the text books they use. Japan Reiki Assocaion is commited to proving the traditional form of Reiki teachings as it was taught by the founder Mikao Usui. And also the Western teachings. We are committed to suport you through your Reiki journey. That means we do not part ways after the class is done. You are welcome to return for practice, ask questions in person or email. Whatever it takes to ensure you understand Reiki and are able to use it the way you intended to. We are a team of mother and daughter that work together. You get double the insite and doubel the experience!

What do I need to do before I take your class?

There is no special preparation required before the class. Only your enthusiam and commitment to practice Reiki. However if this is your first contact with Reiki we strongly recommend that you come for a healing session or attend our Reiki Circle or Reiki Cafe.


What is Reiki?

Is this your first time hearing the word Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that has become popular as a completmentary therapy. It could be your key to wellbeing. Here are some examples of Reiki as completmentray therapy: (a) Some university hospitals in USA use Reiki in combination with regular treatments. Sometimes lectures on Reiki for future doctors and nurses are avilalbe. It has also been used for military persons at U.S. military bases. (b) Insurance covers Reiki treatment in certain hospitals in UK. (c) In India, one can use a doctor (A.M.) designation in Reiki when qualified. (d) World famous 5 star and 6 star hotels offer Reiki treatment in their Spas and esthetic salons.

What does Reiki mean?

“Reiki” is a Japanese word. It means pure and sacred energy (or surge). It is an old Japanese word that refers to “energy source for life force”. “Reiki Ryoho” or simply “Reiki” is the traditional Japanese healing technique that uses Reiki energy. “Energy source for life force” (Reiki) cannot be seen, but it exists everywhere in our natural world. So Reiki is energy. But what does that mean? We are all surrounded by different kinds of energy. Electricity and gas is energy. Sunlight and ground heat is source of energy. What you eat turns into energy. Reiki is just one of such energy that exists in our universe. It is that simple. Now what we talk about is a method called “Usui Reiki”. The best thing about this method is “that anyone can learn to use Reiki after attunement and attending lectures to learn how to practice”. It may sound incredulous, but it is true. ANYONE can learn Reiki just like learning to ride a bike or drive or use a computer.

How is Reiki different from other energy modalities?

Reiki is the energy of the universe. And that is what is passed through and not someone's personal energy. When you receive a Reiki treatment you are receving the energy of the universe and notheing else.

What will I get out of Reiki?

There are two advantages when you take Reiki (available in abundance naturally) in to your body and learn to utilize it. 1) Reiki will help improve imbalances within your body when you pass Reiki through your palms to others and yourself. (This is Reiki Ryoho) 2) Through practiced passing of Reiki within yourself, you can elevate your energy level and be better grounded. (This is Traditional Japanese Reiki-ho) Reiki Ryoho, commonly known as Reiki healing or Reiki treatment has become synonymous with Reiki. It is known as energy healing modality from eastern medicinal approach. Reiki-ho on the other hand is known very little within Japan and outside of Japan. When Reiki travelled to the West after WW2 this part was forgotten. (Core concepts and principals of this part is known as the lost half.) Please note that Reiki is not a religion nor is it affiliated to any.

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