Japan Reiki Association  Canada Chapter

Who We Are
A not-for-profit organization registered in Osaka, Japan with local and international chapters, established to promote awareness of Usui Reiki including Traditional Japanese Reiki.
(Canada Chapter since March, 2012)
Our Mission 
To see Reiki practiced in every corner of the world and for each individual touched by Reiki to be proud of their Reiki hand.
Let's live better, let's live happy!​
Our Goals 
- Provide a support system for all Usui Reiki practitioners regardless of school or lineage
- Disseminate information about Traditional Japanese Reiki
- Provide an opportunity to experience Usui Reiki healing
- Provide support through Reiki to areas in the world where medical assistance is not easily accessible
- Promote awareness of feelings of Love, Peace, Connection, Life and Gratitude through Reiki
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Yoko Tsuji, President, Japan Reiki Association (NPO) (Japan)

At the age of 25, Yoko became terminally ill.  The doctors gave her only half a year ...

During this time, she came across Usui Reiki.  Most of the Reiki practitioners were practicing the Western-style Usui Reiki in Japan and therefore acquired the first and the second degree of this Western-style method and started treating herself diligently.  Interestingly, all through her self-healing, she did not feel any vibrations, therefore she was ready to quit Reiki.  


Then,  six months passed.  And at the age of 28 she found out that she was completely cured of the disease! 


She decides to pursue couselling  and returns with full zest to Usui Reiki at the age of 30.  She then continues to study traditional Reiki with Hyakuten Sensei and later Doi Sensei under whom she is attuned.  Doi Sensei and Hyakuten Sensei are the two leading Masters of Usui Reiki in Japan.

Aside from her responsibilities as the President of the Japan Reiki Association (NPO), Yoko is occupied with her own bussiness.  She continues to practice Reiki in her profession as a phsychological counselor and instructor at her Phsychological Analysis School.

She is a Registered Medical Practitioner (Indian Board of Alternative Medicine ) and of course holds the Shihan (Teacher's Degree).

"Always cheering for you!"

Nasreen Toorabally, President Japan Reiki Association Canada Chapter

Nasreen’s ‘aha moment’ with Reiki came in an outdoor Reiki Circle under the blue sky, lush green trees and the brown earth. This is Reiki, the life sustaining energy that lies within us and around us.


Nasreen’s involvement with Reiki began with translating Reiki books for Japan Reiki Association in 2009. She was very skeptical then, of what Reiki could do but travelled to India with the Association on their goodwill tour as their interpreter. And it was there at the huge Reiki Circle that she really felt Reiki and began her journey.


Nasreen completed teacher's training in Japan with the Association to become a Japan Reiki Association certified teacher in 2011. She is also a registered teacher with Canadian Reiki Association.  A Japanese-English bilingual, Japanese at heart, Indian in heritage who has made Canada her home.


"Me first, then everyone else!” Not selfish but because it is important to fill your cup first, before you can help others.

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